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Preconfigured services and accounts

Included software

When the machine is initially deployed, it comes with FotoWebIndex ManagerColor Factory and Connect preinstalled. Although you may not need all these products in your workflow, they are available for convenience and can be used to create more advanced workflows should the need arise.

Email service 

The instance has been configured to deliver emails using Internet Information Services running on the server. Although this can be used to test email functionality, it may cause a mismatch between your chosen domain name and the email domain name, which can result in destination email servers seeing all mails from the FotoWare DAM server as spam. We recommend setting up FotoWeb to use your existing email service for production use.

Upload access 

The FotoWare DAM instance has been set up with FTP access to allow uploading of assets to the system (using Explicit TLS on port 21). You can also use FotoWeb Desktop to upload files to the system (unencrypted, port 80). FotoWeb Desktop can be install on client computers after logging in to FotoWeb, and allows users to add metadata to assets when they upload them.

Which accounts are set up on the server? 

When initially setting up the instance, you will be asked to provide a user name and password for the administrative user on the system. This user's credentials are also used when logging on to the FotoWare Operations Center post-deployment to configure the FotoWare services (TLS required using port 7001: https://hostname:7001/) Hence, you should take care to use a complex password to prevent unauthorized access to the server.

The username and password defined on the welcome screen during deployment is also created as an account in the FotoWeb user registry so you can log in to FotoWeb using those same credentials.


  • Additional Windows accounts can be created by connecting to the server console via RDP and adding users to the Users control panel in Windows.
  • Additional FotoWeb user accounts can be created using the Operations Center. You can also connect FotoWeb to an Authentication Service such as a Windows Active Directory server or SAML to import users to FotoWeb from your existing directory service.

FotoWeb users created during deployment



Member of group

FotoWeb User License

sign up username sign up password Site Administrators Plus
employee sign up password Employees Plus
reseller sign up password Resellers Standard
customer sign up password Customers Standard
  • "Sign up password" is the password the user registered when setting up the server

FotoWeb groups created during deployment


Site administrators Access to everything
Public Only Guest is member of this group

Access to all archives except the public archive

Resellers Browse, Zoom, Quick Renditions and Download
Customers Browse, Zoom, Quick Renditions and Download