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How to upload content to FotoWare on Amazon Web Services

To upload content to the FotoWare DAM system, there are several available methods available:

Using FotoWeb Desktop

Users with an account on the FotoWeb server can upload assets to the server using several upload tools.

By default only Archive 1 is enabled on the FotoWeb site, but by enabling and optionally renaming additional archives for easy recognition, and assigning upload rights to groups and/or users to these archives, they too will be available for users to upload content.

Using FTP

The server is prepared for upload of files using FTP with explicit encryption on port 21. All members of the Administrators group in Windows have access to upload files to the server.
Use an FTP client to connect to the server's external IP address or hostname and configure it to connect using FTP on port 21.

When logging in with FTP, you will see the Assets folder, where a number of subfolders named Folder 1 to Folder 32 are listed. Folder 1 corresponds to Archive 1 in FotoWeb and so forth. Simply upload files to the fodler that corresponds to the FotoWeb archive to make them appear.

Tip: In the FotoWeb archive properties page in the Operations Center you can see which index a certain archive refers to. The number in the index name corresponds to the document folder number that you see in the file system during FTP upload. This is a practical way of determining which folder corresponds to a certain FotoWeb archive if you've given the FotoWeb archives more meaningful names than Archive 1, Archive 2 and so on.