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Connecting a FotoStation Client to FotoWare on AWS

FotoStation Client can be used to connect to the AWS instance. This way users can install a FotoStation Client on their local computer and connect to an Index Manager service running on AWS and use it in precisely the same way as if the server ran in their local network.

This requires you to modify the server's firewall settings, as by default the server does not allow incoming connections from a FotoStation Client. Access from FotoStation requires communications on these ports:


Port Description
TCP port 7000 / 7001 FotoWare Protocol. By default, unencrypted communication runs on port 7000, secure communication runs on port 7001. These ports are open by default.
TCP port 445

SMB / Windows networking. Optional for FotoStation features that require access to the server's file system
This port is not open by default, and will have to be opened in the AWS Management Console.



Another configuration alternative is to set up a remote access VPN on the server and send all client traffic through the VPN connection. In Windows Server 2012 the Remote Access role and VPN service can be used to this end.