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Initial deployment of the FotoWare instance on Azure Marketplace

Choosing virtual machine size and specs

When purchasing a FotoWare DAM solution from the Azure Marketplace, you decide the hardware specification during the initial setup. Follow the steps below to locate and deploy an instance.

Locate the FotoWare Digital Asset Management instance. It can be found by searching for FotoWare or Digital Asset Management. Click on Create Virtual Machine to make a new instance.

FotoWare DAM on Azure Marketplace


Name the instance and choose a user name and password for an admin account that can be used to log on to the server console.

The username and password chosen is used for connecting to the server console and for administering the system through the FotoWare Operations Center.


Important: The Name and Resource Group entries MUST be identical.


We recommend choosing minimum a DS4 instance - this comes with a Premium Storage SSD system drive that will host indexes and provides excellent performance.

Virtual machine disk drives

The system will be created with three disks: An SSD system drive (Drive letter C), an SSD data drive that holds the FotoWare system configuration and indexes (Drive letter E - labeled Data) , and a spinning drive for storing assets (Drive letter F - labeled Assets)


There's no need to make any changes to the default settings - you can look them over if you would like more information about the instance. Simply click OK to proceed.


Review the settings on the Summary page before clicking OK to proceed.


Finally, click on Create to start building the virtual machine.

What's next?

After the virtual machine has been built and is ready (should take about ten minutes) you should connect to the site and configure it for use.