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Configuring DNS for the FotoWare instance on Azure

When the FotoWare instance has been deployed, it is assigned an IP address by Azure. The Azure network dynamically assigns IP addresses, so if the instance is shut down or restarted it may (and at some point probably will) be assigned a new IP address.

This article explains how you can configure a custom DNS record for the FotoWare instance on Azure even when using dynamically assigned IP addresses on the Azure network.

The steps involved are as follows:

  • Create a fully qualified DNS name internally on Azure through the Azure portal.
  • Set up a public CNAME record with your domain provider that resolves to the Azure DNS name.
  • Configure FotoWeb to respond to the public host name you have chosen with your domain provider.

Creating a fully qualified DNS name for the Azure instance

View the virtual machine settings on the Azure portal and click on the public IP address. Then click on the Configuration node to set the IP address and DNS name for the instance. Keep IP assignment as Dynamic, enter the DNS name label, and then press Enter. The fully qualified domain name will be shown below. Now press Save. 

Close the Public IP blades and go back to the virtual machine blade in the portal. Verify that the DNS name/FQDN appears next to the IP address for the Public IP resource.


Set up a CNAME record with your domain provider

Next you need to decide on a public domain name to associate with the FotoWare instance on Azure. Specifically, you will need to register a CNAME record in your DNS that points to the FQDN you registered in Azure. Contact your network administrator if you're unsure how this is done.

Configure FotoWeb to respond to the chosen public host name

This is accomplished by accessing the FotoWeb site configuration through the Operations Center and setting the host name there. Learn how to set the FotoWeb host name.