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What are the default archives and workflows on the FotoWare DAM system on Azure?


Public archive

The Public archive is available to all users, also unauthenticated guests who access the server. For assets to appear in the Public archive they must be explicitly marked as public by an authenticated user, using the Set Access action.

Archive 1

Archive 1 is a sample archive that contains some sample files stored in Index 1. (See the Index Manager configuration in the Operations Center.) 

Archives 2-32

These are inactive archives that each correspond to individual indexes configured in Index Manager (Index 2-32, respectively). You can enable these archives and upload files to them as you see fit. We recommend renaming the archives to use more suitable names that make for easy recognition of their contents.

Workflows and Markers

Set access

This workflow changes the metadata state of the selected assets to indicate which user groups have access to the assets. Ready made groups have been defined for Customers, Employees, Resellers and Public use. When selecting assets and setting their access, a corresponding marker is added to the asset(s) to indicate who can access them.

Set state

This is an example workflow that demonstrated how you can use metadata and markers to indicate the state of assets. Take a The available states are Approved, Archives, Deprecated, Draft and In Review. Search filters that are applied to the groups on the archive's access list control which files users see based on their current state. The markers that are displayed in the different states are configured in the Operations Center, and can be found by opening the FotoWeb site configuration and going to the Workflows tab and then choosing the Markers node.