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Azure Active Directory integration and SSO

How it works

With Azure AD Authentication, users and groups are managed in the Azure AD console, in much the same way as on a Windows Active Directory server. Group changes in the AD, such as the addition or removal of users, are automatically updated, so that all user management can be done in the Azure AD only. 

Azure Active Directory integration involves the following steps:

  • Adding the FotoWare site to the Azure AD portal
  • Enabling Azure Active Directory integration on the FotoWare site
  • Importing groups into FotoWare
  • Assigning access to FotoWare archives based on the groups you've imported

Also note that to connect client to Azure AD you need to set up a secure connection, so FotoWare needs to be configured with TLS (https) and a trusted certificate. For information on setting up FotoWare for secure connections look here.