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SSO login fails with IIS error 404 though FotoWeb seems to work


When logging on to FotoWeb using SSO, Internet Information Services (IIS) responds with a 404 error, though FotoWeb still seems to work.

Cause and solution

A 404 from IIS means one of the following:

  • The authentication provider service is not running or has crashed. Check the process called FotoWare.FotoWeb.BuiltinAuthenticationProviders.exe - It should be running permanently and not “spinning”.

  • An attempt was made to access FotoWeb via HTTP while the site is configured (in Site Identification) to use HTTPS, or vice-versa.

  • An attempt was made to access FotoWeb via a host name that is different from what is configured in Site Identification. Every site can have one and only one host name.

  • The site identification is invalid or inconsistent (e.g., when using HTTPS, the port must be 443, and when using HTTP, the port must be 80)

  • Verify the bindings in the IIS Manager on the server:

    • Go to IIS Manager > Website on which FotoWeb is installed > Bindings.

    • Make sure the HTTPS binding (port 443) has IP address set to “All Unassigned”, rather than a specific IP address.

Please always check all of the above conditions when you see an IIS 404 page on “Login with SSO”