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Enabling taxonomies for specific metadata fields

Before you can start using taxonomies throughout FotoWeb you need to choose which metadata fields should have taxonomies assigned to them. This topic explains just that - how to enable taxonomies for specific metadata fields.

Assigning taxonomies to metadata fields

In the FotoWeb site configuration, go to the Settings tab, expand the Behavior node, and select the Metadata feature.

All the metadata fields created on the system are now listed, and you can set various options pertaining to each field. In the case of enabling taxonomies for fields, you'll be interested in the checkbox in the Taxonomy column and the related plural name.

To enable a taxonomy for a field, select the Taxonomy checkbox for it. Then, in the Plural Name field, enter the plural name for the field - this is used in headers in the user interface and in the URLs for the taxonomy item. For example, if you enable a taxonomy for the Category field, you can enter Categories in the Plural Name field to display Categories, for example,  as a header above the taxonomy when using this for archive navigation.

Enabling taxonomy for a metadatafield

When you've enabled taxonomies for the fields you require, select Save to store the changes.

What's next

Now you need to enable taxonomy navigation on the archives where you'd like to use this functionality.

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