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Managing pending and signed consent forms

Who can manage consent forms?

For a user to be able to manage consent forms, that user needs to be assigned the Manage consent forms permission through group membership.

Accessing the consent forms page

To manage consent forms, open the cogwheel-shaped Tools menu in FotoWare and choose Manage Consent Forms.

The management page lists all pending and collected consents, and there are several filtering options to help navigate even large numbers of consents.


Consent form management - filters.png

Use filters to quickly locate the consent forms you are looking for. You may filter by the consent form template used, by who requested the consent, the date of invitation, by signing status etc. Use the Clear button to reset all filters. When looking for a signatory's name, the search field at the top of the page may also be practical to quickly pull up the correct consent form.

Quick Links


To the right are links that let you do the following:

Reminder: Send a reminder to a person who has not yet signed an issued consent. When sending the reminder, you can change the email address it should be sent to and modify the message in the email. Links to sign will be automatically included.

View: Open a consent form, whether signed or not.

Get link: Copy the link to the signed consent to the clipboard. The consent id can e.g. be used in the metadata in the collection of pictures that the consent applies to.

Delete: Delete a consent. This does not delete the template that the consent form is based on.

Requesting a new consent

Requests for consent can be issued directly from this page by pressing the Request signature button at the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Requesting consent from the consent forms page.png

Select the template that should be issued and enter the recipient's email address and optionally add a personalized message. The link to sign will automatically be added to the email.

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