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Sending files to workflows using a mobile device

How to transfer files to workflows using a mobile device.

Using workflows from your mobile device

In the FotoWare Mobile app, you can quickly select files in an archive and transfer them to a FotoWeb destination.

Note: Only destinations without interactivity enabled on the server will be available on your device.

From the grid view



Having found the files you want to transfer to a workflow, click on the Select button in the top right corner on the screen. Now, click on the pictures you would like to transfer and click on the Send to... button to choose a destination for the file(s).

From the preview screen



If you find a picture you would like to transfer while scrolling through previews, click once on the preview to bring up the image text. This also gives you a Share icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on it and choose Send to workflow and then pick your output.

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