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Sharing an asset on Facebook or Twitter

How to share a link to an asset on Facebook or Twitter.

Sharing links to an asset on social media

When previewing an asset (on the Asset Details page) there are links directly below the preview that allow sharing of a link to that asset on Facebook or Twitter. Clicking either of those links opens a login dialog that requires the user to log in to Facebook/Twitter (if not already logged in) and post a link to the asset complete with descriptive metadata.

Facebook and Twitter sharing in FotoWeb.png

Access rights and social sharing

Based on configuration certain archives and albums in FotoWeb will require valid login credentials. If a user tries to share a link to an album that has access restrictions he will typically see a "Login to FotoWeb" message in the Facebook/Twitter preview.

Links to assets in publicly open archives and albums will be readily accessible from Facebook and Twitter.

Tip: The "Share" buttons can be removed from the site using CSS customization.

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