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How fulfillment works

An Agreement is renewed once a year, after which it is possible to fulfill the Agreement through a process on the FotoWare Customer Portal.

What does fulfillment mean?

When you fulfill an Agreement online, it means that you retrieve new product keys for all the products covered by the Agreement. New product keys are required to run the latest releases of the software.

What are the implications of doing a fulfillment?

  • When you complete the fulfillment process, you receive an email with all the Agreement licenses as well as the product keys to activate them.
  • Your old keys become invalid and you should throw away any archived copies of the old license information.
  • The software you are currently running keeps running. However, if you need to repair or reactivate a license, you must use the new product keys that you received when you ran the fulfillment.
  • MSI deployment packages of FotoStation that use a volume key need to be updated with the new product key.

How do I proceed with fulfillment?

Once you have read the above and understand the implications of running a fulfillment, log in to the FotoWare Customer Portal and go to the Agreements tab. Click the Fulfill link next to the Agreement number and follow the directions that appear. After completing the process the product keys will be delivered to you by email and you can find them in the Licenses area on the Customer Portal.

The complete fulfillment process is documented in the previous topic.