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Downloading software

How to log on to the FotoWare Customer Portal and download software and software updates.

Log on to the FotoWare Customer Portal

Before you can download software you need to have an account at the FotoWare Customer Portal. If you don't already have one, please read this topic about creating an account and registering your licenses.

Go to Updates

After logging on to the Customer Portal, follow the link to Download updates shown in the screenshot below. You can also click on Downloads in the top banner.

Click in the highlighted area to download updates

Locate and download your software

The Download area lists all the software you have licensed. Click on a product name or category to list the available downloads in that category. Note that the menu on your screen may not look exactly like the screenshot, as your licenses will determine which software you can download.

The download area lists all the available products you can download

After clicking on a product you will find a list of available versions. Click on the version you would like to download. You will have to accept the license agreement before the download begins.

FotoStation versions available for download

Tip: In the Information column you find an orange bubble that opens up the release notes for the version in question, while the blue and white symbol displays the license agreement for the software.

Web installers vs offline installers

The installers that are listed in the Hotfixes and Web installers sections will automatically download any required external components from the Internet. These are the preferred installers to use if your server has a working Internet connection.

However, if your server is on a closed network that does not provide access to the Internet, you may download installers from the Offline installers section. These installers contain all required components to perform an offline installation, and consequently are much larger in size.

Offline installers are packed in ZIP format and can be unpacked on a memory stick or other removable media and brought to the server for installation.

Note: There is a chance that the most recent hotfixes are not available as offline installers. If that is the case, you can download and run the most recent offline installer first and then apply a hotfix after, when all key components have been installed on the server.