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Command-line activation of FotoWare applications using fwlicensetool


fwlicensetool is command-line activation utility that can be used to manage activation of all FotoWare applications via the command-line. It can also be used in the situations where software deployment requires scripting of the activation sequence.

By and by, fwlicensetool will replace the older FotoWare Application Activation wizard (aka fwappactwiz), that is still bundled with some of FotoWare's on-premises software installers. For managing activations going forward, we recommend switching to the fwlicensetool utility described in this article. 

Where to get it?

The utiliity can be obtained on the FotoWare Customer Portal, under Utilities in the Downloads section (opens in new tab).

It will also gradually be rolled out along with new FotoWare software installers. Look for the FotoWare License Tool in your list of installed applications.

How to start it?

After installation, you can run the utility by locating it in the Windows Start menu: Open the Windows Start menu and search for FotoWare License Tool.

Clicking it in the Start menu will open a command prompt and display the utility help text.

Note: This utility should be run under administrative privileges. Make sure to elevate 


General syntax

fwlicensetool [options]


Flags Description
-?,  -h,  --help Displays help text with all possible options
-v,  --version Displays the current version of the utility
-a,  --activate <license> Activate a license key
-l,  --list List all activated licenses 
-d,  --deactivate <Fulfillment ID | License key> Deactivate a license
-r,  --remove <Fulfillment ID | License key | "all"> Remove a license
--repair Repair a BROKEN license. Simply run command without additional options to repair all broken licenses on the system
-p,  --proxy <proxyserver:port> Use HTTP proxy server during activation or deactivation
-c, --credentials <username:password> Provide proxy credentials (Currently Mac only)
--oa,  --offline_activation <License key> Create an offline activation request file*
--or,  --offline_response <Filename> Read and activate the offline activation response file*
-i,  --installservice Install FlexNET license service (Windows only)
-u,  --uninstallservice Uninstall FlexNET license service (Windows only)


Offline activation notes

Offline activation is used when the computer where the FotoWare software is activated does not have a working Internet connection.

An offline activation consists of these steps:

  1. Generating an offline activation request file on the computer that's intended to run the software
  2. Uploading the activation request file to FotoWare: Go to (requires a FotoWare Customer Portal account) to upload the file
  3. Using the response file received in the previous step to activate the software on the computer

The command used to create the activation request file in step 2 above and the command to activate the offline response file in step 3 are shown in the table above.