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Deactivating a FotoWare software product

This topic explains how to deactivate a FotoWare server product. Deactivation is necessary when you're planning to move the server software to another server.

A separate article has been made that explains how to deactivate FotoStation.

Deactivating a server application

Go to the Windows start screen and start typing Deactivate Licenses. Then click on the Deactivate licenses shortcut when it appears. All the activated products will be listed in a window, and you can tick the one(s) you want to deactivate and click OK to proceed.

You can also open the Run dialog (shortcut Windows-R) and type in fwappactwiz -deactivate. When the deactivation wizard opens, tick the product(s) you would like to deactivate and click OK to proceed.

Deactivating FotoStation

Learn how to deactivate FotoStation.

What if deactivation fails?

If deactivation fails, chances are you have recently run a license fulfillment after renewing your Software Maintenance Agreement. During a fulfillment the old activation keys are removed and replaced with new ones, so that the old ones cannot be "returned" through deactivation. In that case, you can simply use the new activation key to activate the software on the new server that you're setting up. (Log on to the License Center to obtain the most recent, valid product key.)