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FotoStation licensing schemes

This document outlines the types of licensing that is available for FotoStation licenses.

Retail licenses

These are the normal retail licenses of either client or server software, and typically what most customers require.

  • The FotoStation license (sold on permits installation and activation on two computers (per-device licensing)
  • The FotoStation Pro license is a single named-user (1 user only) license that permits installation and activation two (2) computers, with an unlimited number of re-hosts per year.
  • The FotoStation Client license is a single named user license (1 user only) that permits installation and activation on two (2) computers per license. Volume license keys are available for FotoStation Client to facilitate network deployment.

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FotoWare software is not licensed for re-sale, hosting or rental, unless written confirmation of such use is given by FotoWare.

Limited overdraft licenses

This type of license allows a FotoWare product to be activated more times that the customer has licenses for. It is typically used in business-critical environments where it is imperative to get new FotoStation clients up and running quickly in the event that a client computer fails.
Customers with a Limited Overdraft License are required to count the actual number of clients in use annually and report to FotoWare to make sure their license covers the correct number of clients.

  • Overdraft licenses are only available for volume licenses of FotoStation Client.
  • The licenses must be covered by a Software Maintenance Agreement.

Terminal Server License

This license type is used for installing FotoStation Client in a terminal server or a Citrix environment.

  • Free of charge for all customers who have enough device licenses to cover all users.
  • You may use the device licenses on other devices.
  • Requires the FotoWare License Server to authenticate clients. The License Server is provided free of charge.
  • A yearly license review is required.
  • A special “Application for Terminal Server License” form must be filled in to obtain a terminal server license.
  • The license file used by the license server must be renewed every 13 months.
  • The licenses must be covered by a Software Maintenance Agreement.