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How to back up and restore a license

When activating a FotoWare application, a license certificate is downloaded from FotoWare’s server and installed in trusted storage on the machine. Trusted storage consists of two encrypted files that contain binding information to the hardware on the current system. It is strongly recommended that these license files be included in the backup schedule. In the event of a crash on a server, these files can be restored so that the software can continue in licensed mode.

Which files should I back up?

The files are stored in different locations depending on your operating system:

In Windows 7/8 and 2008/2012 Server, you find them in C:\ProgramData\FlexNet

In Mac OS the files are stored in /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet

The files can be backed up to any media, such as tape systems, memory sticks or floppy disks.

Restoring license files

Follow this procedure to restore the license files. The files can be restored on the original system, or if the original hardware is broken, on a replacement system. The procedure requires an Internet connection.

1. Restore the system or install FotoWare applications on a new system

2. Restore the license files to the FLEXnet directory

3. Run fwappactwiz –list to see if the licenses are valid. If your hardware environment has changed substantially, you will most likely not see the licenses, and you must proceed to the next step.

4. Each license must be repaired by using the following command from the Windows Command prompt:

fwappactwiz –repair PRODUCT_KEY

FotoWare’s license server will be contacted, and a new certificate will be installed.

To repair a license on your Mac, follow these steps

Open the Utilities folder (Press Shift-Command-U) and start the Terminal application


cd /Applications/

Then type:

 ./FotoWare-Activation-Assistant –repair <your product key>

For example like this:

./FotoWare-Activation-Assistant –repair 123456789

Can I restore the files to new hardware?

If the original hardware is broken and replaced with new, you can still restore the files to the new hardware. The procedure above still applies, but you will always be required to repair the license.

What if repair does not succeed?

Check if you have received a new product key for this license. (Keys are replaced every year when your SMA is renewed.) Use this new product key to activate the software using the GUI. Otherwise contact FotoWare Support for assistance.

What if I don’t have a backup of my license files?

If your software is covered by a software maintenance agreement, you can log on to the FotoWare license center and perform a license reset yourself. If not, you must contact FotoWare Support who will help you to reactivate your license.

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