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Can I change my email address after registering with FotoWare?

By registering an account with FotoWare and tying your SMA to that account, you get access to the download center and other FotoWare services.
This topic explains what to do if you change your email address and need access to your FotoWare account.

What to do if you change your email address

If you change your email address, you will need to register a new account on using the new email address. Before you do so, we recommend logging in using your old credentials and unsubscribing to any newsletters to avoid getting unnecessary emails to your old address. Then please follow the directions outlined at How to register and obtain product keys to create an account using your new email address.

Tip: When registering a new account on using a new email address, you should also have your SMA number at hand, since you will need to tie the SMA to the account to gain access to download your software.