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Where can I find my licenses?

All your licenses are kept in the logged-in area on the FotoWare Customer Portal (external link) - you can list them all by logging on and following the Licenses link at the top of the page.

Clicking on a license displays more information, including the product key required to activate the software.

Legacy licenses

Legacy licenses (FotoWare software prior to version 7.0) are not shown by default. Tick the Show legacy licenses button to expand the list and see these licenses also.

Exporting license information to a CSV file

Click on the Download all licenses as CSV link to export a comma separated file containing all license information for download to the desktop. The table below shows the fields that are included. This can for instance be used to keep track of which machines/users have been assigned to different product keys.

It can be practical to make an export of licenses directly after an SMA fulfillment; even though licenses are delivered by email upon fulfillment, it may be desirable to store the license information in another system as well.

License Product Product Key User Name Machine Name
1234-5678-9012 Index Manager 8.0 ABCDEF-123456-ABCDEF-123456-ABCDEF-123456    

Important: Remember that each SMA fulfillment generates a new set of product activation keys and renders the old set unusable, so with every yearly SMA renewal it will be necessary to export new product keys.
Learn more about the implications of SMA renewal