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FotoWare Subscription Renewal - Routines and Timeline


Starting in 2022, the majority of FotoWare installations will be moved from a perpetual licensing scheme to a subscription scheme. This article explains important aspects of that transition and how renewal routines work going forward.

Practical aspects of subscription licenses vs perpetual licenses

With subscription licenses, FotoWare will issue new licenses to agreement holders each year on the renewal date. These licenses allow you to run the latest versions of the licensed software and all software updates issued in the year ahead.

The licenses are, however, time-limited to one year, which means that when the agreement is renewed, you need to activate the new product keys before the old ones expire.

The system has a "grace period" of one month to allow you to activate the new licenses before the old ones expire and the software stops working. New keys work with old versions of the software, so once you receive your new set of product keys, we recommend activating them as soon as possible. Updates to the actual software can be done at a later point in time.

Subscription renewal timeline

  • FotoWare will contact the customer and the FotoWare Partner (if one is involved) 60 days prior to renewal to plan payment and renewal of licenses.
  • An automatic email will be issued by FotoWare to the person registered as the customer’s primary contact for FotoWare. If the customer is served by a partner from the FotoWare partner network, the partner also receives a copy of this email.
    • The mail outlines the price of renewal and start/end dates for subscription period.
  • If the customer decides to make changes to the subscription (e.g. to alter the number of user licenses or included products) or cancel the subscription, FotoWare must be notified no later than 30 days prior to the renewal date (= the start date of the new subscription period).

Getting access to licenses and downloads

When the subscription agreement is entered into and on subsequent annual renewals, the customer's contact person receives an email with the agreement number and the product keys that are required to activate the software for another year. To download the software covered by the agreement, the following steps are required:

  • Create a user account on the FotoWare Customer Portal
  • Log in and register the agreement number received in the email from FotoWare
  • Download software from the Update Center

Tip: After registering the agreement, all issued product keys can also be obtained in the FotoWare Customer Portal. These will be renewed yearly and must be used to activate the software for another year.

Step by step instructions to register an account and download software

Follow the instructions below to register an account, tie it to your subscription agreement and download software.

Create an account on the FotoWare Customer Portal

Go to and fill in your contact information.

A confirmation will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive the email within a couple of minutes, make sure you check your spam filter and add any addresses from to the spam filter's approved list.

Click the link in the email to activate your account. Upon activation you will be logged on the site and asked to fill in some additional information about yourself.



After saving the information you will be taken to your account page, as seen below:

Register the Subscription Agreement number

Now click on the Manage Licenses area (see screenshot above) to register your subscription agreement

To register a subscription agreement

Enter the complete subscription agreement number (xxxxx-xxxxx) and it will be tied to your FotoWare account. You need only complete this step once - on subsequent annual renewals, new software product keys will be issued and made available in the web portal, and new software versions are made available in the download portal.

Tip: To allow more than one person in your organization access to manage license keys, each one can create an account on and tie the subscription agreement number to their account.

Download software

Now it's time to download your software.

Tip: If you're already running FotoStation, activate the new product key and then use the Auto Update feature to automatically download and install the latest version.