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Where are crash reports from FotoWare uploaded?

FotoWare applications install a Crash report uploader tool, which sends information about software errors and crashes to FotoWare for analysis.

These crash reports are stored on the computer until they can be successfully uploaded to FotoWare.

As a user you may be shown a prompt when logging on the the computer that there are unsent error logs, and you are given the option to send the error logs to FotoWare or delete them. If you choose to send them to FotoWare for analysis they will be delivered to this URL: http(s)://* - this is the base URL, and the crash uploader will access url's below that point.

Depending on the setup, the upload utility may require both http and https.

Note: FotoWare cannot provide feedback on individual pieces of crash data received. If you experience problems with your FotoWare installation, you should notify FotoWare Support.