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Client Access Licenses for Index Manager and Color Factory

A client access auditing system is available for Color Factory and Index Manager. This helps customers easily keep track of the number of licenses currently in use out of the total license pool.

All FotoStation clients that connect to an Index Manager or Color Factory server use one Client Access License. The number of unique clients is counted on the server and a warning is displayed if more than the licensed number of clients is used.

A client is defined as a domain user from any machine or a Windows or Mac user connected to the server.

Administrators can remove clients from the list, but they will reappear the next time a FotoStation client connects.


On the Clients tab you can see which users have connected to the server using FotoStation client.

CAL counting Clients tab.png


In the current software versions, your workflow is not affected. FotoWare servers will only display a warning if the number of active clients is higher than the licensed count.

In a domain environment, a domain user is only counted once since we can uniquely identify the user.
In a non-domain environment, a user is counted as unique per machine since we can't uniquely identify the user.

How do I obtain a Client Access License? 

If your software is covered by an Agreement, client access keys are already available for you to activate. They can be obtained on and must be activated on each server. The Client Access Licenses will also be issued automatically the next time you renew and fulfill your Agreement.

If you do not have an Agreement, contact FotoWare Sales to receive your Client Access License.