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The FotoWeb plugin for EPiServer

The FotoWeb plugin for EPiServer lets you insert images from FotoWeb in to EPiServer without leaving the EPiServer interface. It comes with the option to insert the image in one or more areas on a page and also inline in the article text.


When you are on a specific page, the site administrator/ developer has added the FotoWeb button at a specific location. To open up the FotoWeb interface, click that area.

Now a side panel opens with a new button that you click to open an IFRAME which displays the FotoWeb Selection Widget used to select content.


Using the FotoWeb EPiServer Plugin

After you select your file the CMS Export Widget opens

FotoWeb Selection Widget 

CMS Export Widget opens when an image has been selected

Once you have clicked "Publish" on your image, it is automatically inserted on the page.

The selected image is inserted in the EPiServer article

You can also add an image inline with the article text by clicking the button in the below screenshot.

An image can also be added inline with text in a text block

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