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Installing the FotoWeb plugin in EPiServer

Supported versions of EPiServer

The current version of the FotoWeb plugin runs on EPiServer 7.5. This is the version that FotoWare officially supports.

However, the source code for the plugin is available as an open source project under the AGPL license (external link). So it may be that someone has contributed a version that suits your precise version of EPiServer. You can read more about it here.


How to install the FotoWeb plugin for EPiServer

  1. Open the EPiServer project in Visual Studio

  2. Right click References in your solution and click "Manage NuGet Packages..."

  3. Locate the FotoWare.EPiServer.ImageProperty nuget and click "Install"

  4. Open the Model file for the page you want the plugin to appear in.

Add reference to the FotoWare ImageProperty at the top:

using Fotoware.EPiServer.ImageProperty;

Add the following lines inside the class definition:

[FotowareConfiguration(Height = 200, Width = 300, StoreFile = false, CustomPreset = "")]
public virtual FotowareImage MyFotowareImage { get; set; }
Important notes about the FotoWareConfiguration part above:

a. Height - (int) Set if you want to have a fixed crop height (optional)

b. Width - (int) Set if you want to have a fixed crop width (optional)

c. StoreFile - (boolean - default:false) Set to true if you want the asset to be handled and stored inside of EPiServer (optional)

d. CustomPreset - (String) Gives the option to always use a stored preset when you publish files

"MyFotoWareImage" is the name of the object that you will use in your template. Feel free to change the name.


  1. Open the template file for the page you want the plugin to appear in. Add this line where you want the custom field to appear:

<fotoware:FotowareProperty PropertyName="MyFotowareImage" runat="server"/>​

PS: You can also use normal MVC property to add the field.


  1. Build your project.

  2. Log in to EPiserver as an administrator

  3. Go to Admin | Config | Plug-in Manager and click on the "FotoWeb EPiServer Plugin".

  4. Note: This point is only relevant if you want Single Sign-on Authentication to FotoWeb. If you don't want to use Single Sign-On, you can skip this step.
    Add the url and encryption secret from your server and click Save. (PS: Encryption Secret can be grabbed from your FotoWeb Server settings under "Advanced".)


  1. To add the button to insert images in text fields, do the following:

    1. Log in as an administrator

    2. Go to Admin | Content Type

    3. Find the page type you want to and click it.

    4. Click the MainBody property and click  Custom Settings.

    5. Under the TinyMCE Editor, check  Use Custom Settings, and then drag the FotoWeb button to the bar. Click Save.


  1. If you want your user to be automatically logged in to FotoWeb when he is in EPiServer, each user needs to do the following:

    1. Click your username and select "My Settings"

    2. Under FotoWeb Settings enter your FotoWeb username and click Save

  2. That's all. You should be good to go.

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