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Importing or exporting archives


Archives you have created can be exported and imported so other users can connect to the same archives as you.

Exporting an existing archive

If you would like to export a configured archive (not the actual files in the archive, but the path to the folder and all related settings) to a file for use on another computer running FotoStation, this can be done by selecting the Archive node in the configuration tree, selecting the archive you want to export and clicking on the Export button. The archive with all its settings can then be saved as a file which can be imported on another FotoStation workstation in the network.

To ensure that folder paths are correct on the target workstation, you should make sure to always use UNC network paths in Windows when entering the path in the archive properties. Alternatively, when configuring the archive, browse to it through the Network Neighborhood. This will ensure that FotoStation uses the UNC network path in the archive. (A UNC network path typically has this syntax: \\servername\folder)

Exporting an archive using the context menu in the main program window

If you want to easily export an archive to a file in FotoStation, you can do so from the main program window. Right-click the archive that you want to export, then choose Export settings in the context menu. This feature is also useful if you need to create several archives with the same properties set, but for different folders. By exporting a “template” archive, you can import it, rename the new archive and change its path.

Importing an archive from a file

To import an archive from a file, open the program configuration by choosing the File menu, then Configuration. Expand the Archives node in the configuration tree, then click on the Import button. Locate the archive file to import (it has the extension .archive), then click OK. The archive with all its settings, including group belonging, is imported and the archive appears in the Archives side panel when you close the configuration dialog.

Importing an archive from a file directly from the main program window

To easily import an archive file to FotoStation, select the Archives side panel, then right-click an empty area in the side panel. Choose Import archive item from the context menu, locate the archive file to import (it has the extension .archive), then click OK. The archive will now appear on the Archives side panel in whichever group it originally belonged to.

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