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Placing assets in a CMS

The CMS Export module in FotoWeb offers the possibility to export any picture or graphics file to a Content Management System. In the process a user can resize, add effects and otherwise customize the appearance of the exported picture.

When a user exports a picture for embedding in the CMS, FotoWeb creates a permanent link to a cached version of the exported picture. Users can set a publication expiry date, at which point the exported asset will become unavailable. (The CMS will simply display a block saying "Media Not Available".) It is also possible to manually revoke a published picture so it will no longer appear in the CMS.

Exported pictures are delivered from outside of FotoWeb's authentication layers and will be available to anyone with knowledge of the URL and access to the server. This also ensures maximum performance, so a powerful server can handle thousands of image requests concurrently.


This guide describes the use of the CMS functionality. However, before such use is possible FotoWeb needs to be integrated with the CMS. Developers and administrators should consult the CMS integration guide to get the details.

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