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Configuring a proxy connection for network requests

How to configure a proxy server for http connections to Index Manager.

What the proxy configuration is used for

Where: Expand the General node in the configuration tree and select Proxy settings.

Since FotoStation 7.0 supports connections to remote archives it may be necessary to utilize a proxy to establish a connection. To this end, you can configure FotoStation's proxy settings on this page in the configuration.

Choosing connection types where a proxy will be used

First choose which types of connection you wish to use a proxy for. You can choose (1) not to use a proxy at all, (2) to use it only for FotoWeb connections, or (3) to use it for FotoWeb and Index Manager connections.

Proxy server settings

If any of your connections are set up to use a proxy, you can choose between using the system default proxy settings, as defined in the Control Panel, or you can manually specify the host name of your network's proxy server and the port that's used for communication with the proxy.

Important: In your system does not use a proxy, make sure you choose "Do not use proxy server" in this menu. Alternatively, configure your system's Internet settings to not automatically detect proxy settings. If FotoStation is set to use a proxy setting while no proxy is used, you may experience very slow performance when browsing and searching archives.
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