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Supported connections and protocols in FotoStation

The below table gives an overview of the different connections and protocols that are available in FotoStation and their possibilities and limitations.

Type of archive/connection

Read / Write Access


Local folder


File access can be limited by imposing disk security settings (NTFS)

Network share


File access can be limited through share or disk level security

Index Manager 7.0 archive (FWP Protocol)

See comments

The FWP protocol is the preferred method of connecting FotoStation to Index Manager.

It is described in detail in a separate topic.

FotoWeb / Archive Agent protocol


A read-only protocol that enables clients to download thumbnails and previews, allows searching and, depending on authentication, may allow download of high-resolution files. Files can also be processed in certain FotoStation actions in the same way as with the Index Manager 7.0 connection.

This protocol uses Index Manager searches to produce hits. Thus, users may not see the same assets as when browsing the archive with a direct connection to Index Manager.