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Searching for and replacing metadata

FotoStation has a search and replace function that lets you search for specific metadata within an archive and replace it with new text.

To use the search and replace function:

  1. Open the Search menu and select Search and replace
  2. Enter the word or string to search for in the Find field. If you would only like to search for whole words matching the search string exactly as it is written, select Match whole word.
  3. Choose the field to search in, or select All Fields from the list to search for the specified text in all available metadata fields.
  4. In the Replace with field, enter the word or string with which you would like to replace the specified text and select Replace. Note that when you select Replace, the text in the Find field is immediately exchanged with the text found in the Replace with field.

Scope of the search and replace function

  • The Search and Replace function scans for metadata in all the assets shown in an archive - it is not limited to the current selection of files.
  • If an archive is configured to include subfolders, a search and replace operation will include all files in that archive and its subfolders. Effectively, the number of files in the archive seen in the status bar tells you how many files will be included in a search and replace operation.
  • By expanding an archive with subfolders and selecting a subfolder inside that archive, only files in that subfolder will be affected. By right-clicking the subfolder and enabling Include subfolders in the context menu, files in the highlighted folder and its subfolders will be affected by the operation.

Tip: To do a search and replace operation on a selection of assets, first collect the assets in a project and then perform the operation on the open project.