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Searching for similar pictures

Options in the Search menu

Using the Search menu, you can search for similar pictures:

Find similar / Find duplicates: FotoStation can search for images similar to the one selected. In order to do so, it first has to analyze all images in the folder to create a “profile” of the image data. This can be a very time consuming process, so we advise you to use this function selectively.

Find same event : Finds files taken at the same event by performing an OR-search in Headline, Object Name and the first words in the Caption field.

Find same job: Finds files with the same Job ID as the selected file.

Find all versions: Locates all pictures with the same Unique ID as the one selected. (copies as well as duplicates).

Find same metadata: Provides a submenu where you can search for files that contain the same text in the field you choose.