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Quickly searching in FotoStation

How to quickly perform a search in FotoStation.

Quick Search

FotoStation has a search field in the main program window that lets you enter search strings in a quick and straightforward manner. This field is called the Quick Search field. Searching in this field is often useful when working with smaller archives or when you don’t need to perform a highly specific search. However, it is possible to use logical operators such as AND, OR, and NOT in this field if required. If you enter two words and don’t specify an operator, (for example, “summer 2005”), FotoStation will assume that you wish to find files with both words present in the metadata, i.e. an AND operator is inserted - "Summer AND 2005".

The search is case insensitive, so searching for “summer 2005” and searching for “Summer 2005”, for example, will return the same files.

Note: You can only enter up to 128 characters into the Quick Search field.

Tip: To clear the Quick Search history, go to File > Preferences, then Clear quick search history. On the Mac, select the arrow next to the magnifying glass in the Quick Search field and choose Clear.

Wildcard characters

When creating searches, you can use the asterisk * to match any number of characters (including zero).

For example, shoe* will match shoe, shoes, shoestring, and so on.

When used with Index Manager, FotoStation can use a number of other wildcard characters as well, for more information, see Searching in Index Manager archives.