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Data mining by metadata

Select Word list from the drop-down list instead of Calendar Dates. Note that if you have many files and/or much metadata in the files, extracting the metadata from the metadata fields might take some time. However, this should not be a problem when working with an archive that is indexed by Index Manager. You can monitor the progress in FotoStation’s status bar. If you would like to stop the text extraction, press the Esc key. However, since stopping the extraction before it is complete may cause unexpected results when working with Word list, this is not recommended.

Select the metadata field from the drop-down list underneath Word list. Since the content of all metadata fields has already been extracted for each file in the current source, FotoStation can now sort and group this content together.

To view only the files that has the required Byline content, select the corresponding entry in the list. For example, if you would like to view all files with an empty Byline field, click on the <empty> text and only the four files with an empty Byline field will open in the image window in FotoStation.

Select the column headers (Words and Files) to sort the list according to the column content.