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Resizing images for web use


This example gives you some tips for using the Crop function to resize pictures that you plan to publish on the web.

Step-by-step procedure

When cropping images for use on the web, you will want to resample it to avoid creating very large files. The directions outlined below may be helpful in that regard.

Having opened an image in the crop window, click on the Options button and choose Real Crop. Resample to new pixel size. Then choose a suitable location for storing the new, cropped files by choosing Save as new image in specified folder and then selecting a folder. Choose JPEG as the file format and select a quality level from the dropdown list. Then click OK to close the options dialog.


Now, click on the Image Size button. Make sure that the Resample image checkbox is selected, and choose a size mode. In this example, we will choose a fixed width and height of 200 by 350 pixels. The value in the Resolution field is irrelevant in this respect, since it will only affect the print size of the image, and has no effect on the size of the output file, but for practical purposes you can set it to 96 pixels/inch, which is a standard value for many computer screens.

Now you are ready to save this size for later use by clicking on the Save size button and labeling the size. Then click on the OK button to close the Image Size dialog.

To choose the preset size, click on the arrow next to the Image Size button and choose your size preset. You’ll notice that when adjusting the crop frame it will not resize freely since the aspect ratio is fixed. Both width and height measures are locked in the Image Size dialog.

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