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FotoStation keyboard shortcuts (Windows)

Commonly used shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Arrow keys Move selection in grid
Enter Open Preview
Ctrl-M Toggle Maximize View
Ctrl-T Open Metadata Editor
Ctrl-G Open Carousel View for narrowing down a selection
Space Open a full screen preview for making selections
Ctrl-J Toggle RAW/JPEG Bundle view
Ctrl-F Search for assets
L Open tile location in Explorer
Shift-Enter Run a slideshow with the selected assets
Ctrl-K Crop
Ctrl-L Edit
F2 Rename
Alt-Left Arrow Image Soft Rotate Left (EXIF only)
Alt-Right Arrow Image Soft Rotate Left (EXIF only)
Alt-Down Arrow Image Soft Rotate 180 degrees (EXIF only)
Shift-Alt-Left Arrow Image Rotate Left (rewrite highres)
Shift-Alt-Right Arrow Image Rotate Right (rewrite highres)
Shift-Alt-Down Arrow Image Rotate 180 degrees (rewrite highres)
Shift-Mouse wheel scroll Zoom in/out on previews
+ Zoom in on previews
- Zoom out on previews

Selection shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-A Select All
Ctrl-D Deselect All
Shift-Ctrl-I Invert Selection
Shift-Ctrl-A Show Selected
Shift-Ctrl-D Show Deselected

Metadata editor shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-Z Undo
Shift-Ctrl-Z Undo All
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-V Paste
Shift-Ctrl-C Copy all fields
Shift-Ctrl-V Paste all fields
Ctrl-P Paste all from previous text
Ctrl-K Clear all fields
Ctrl-Tab Next page
F7 Spell check field
Ctrl-F7 Spell check all fields
Ctrl-Space Select from Quicklist
Ctrl-A Play Audio File

File shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Enter Open Preview
Ctrl-Enter Open in external application
Ctrl-F Find
Ctrl-O Open/Browse folder
Ctrl-P Print
Ctrl-Q Quit
Ctrl-U Duplicate
Del Move to Trash
Ctrl-Del Delete

Rating, Status and Classification shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Setting asset Status and and filtering by Status  
1-8 Set status 1 to 8 on selected assets(s)
9 Clear status on selected asset(s) See note below.
0 Clear status on selected asset(s) See note below.
Shift-1 to Shift-9 Filter (show) files with status 1 to 8 or no status (9)
Note: The status can be cleared using either 0 or 9. Pressing the keyboard shortcut 0 clears the content of the Status field, while pressing 9 sets the status value to 0 - indicated by a white status color in FotoStation.  
Setting asset Classification and filtering by Classification  
T Mark selected asset(s) as Tagged
R Mark selected asset(s) as Rejected
U Mark selected asset(s) as Untagged 
Setting asset Rating and filtering by Rating  
Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-5 Rate selected assets 1 to 5 stars
Ctrl-0 Remove all stars

Tip: When filtering, you can for example press Shift-1, then Shift-2, then Shift-3 to show all assets that have a status of 1, 2 or 3. The same can be done when filtering by Rating or Classification state.

Edit shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-V Paste
Del Delete

Preview shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-M Toggle Maximize View
Page Down / Down Arrow Next asset
Page Up / Up Arrow Previous asset
Home First asset
End Last asset
Mouse wheel scroll Next/previous asset
Shift-mouse wheel scroll Zoom in/out
+ Zoom in 
- Zoom out
Escape Close window
Space Press Space in thumbnail view to open a full screen preview for making selections
Double-click Preview Load highres image in preview window. Double-click again to return to preview

Window shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-B Toggle Drag and Drop window
Ctrl-F4 Close all preview windows
F5 Refresh view
Ctrl-F5 Refresh and rescan

Image editor shortcuts

Shortcut Function
Ctrl-S Save
Alt-S Save As
Ctrl-Space Show Original
Del Clear current selection
Shift-Ctrl-D Clear selection
Ctrl-D Deselect and flatten
Ctrl-H Toggle show selection
Ctrl-T Edit metadata
Alt-Left Arrow Rotate left
Alt-Right Arrow Rotate right
Alt-Down Arrow Rotate 180 degrees
Shift-Alt-Left Arrow Mirror
Shift-Alt-Down Arrow Flip
Ctrl-Q Close Windows
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-E Next Image