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Sending files as email attachments


See how you can send files as email attachments from FotoStation.

Emailing files 

Using FotoStation, you can select files in your archive and send them as email attachments in your standard email application.

You can choose to reduce the file size before sending (useful if the email server has email size limitations) or send the file as it is. Note that reducing the file size will only have an  effect when sending image files.

In FotoStation, select the files you want to send and open the Tools menu. Select Send as e-mail and choose a preset resolution (image files only), or select Don’t resize to send the file without reducing the size. The file size you choose will be used for all selected image files.

FotoStation will trigger your default email application and create a new email message with the selected files attached. Enter the email address, choose a subject and message body, and send the email as usual.

You can also send emails using the email send sub action. For more information, see E-mail send sub action.

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