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Importing files from a memory card or other source

There are several ways in which you can import pictures (and video files) from your digital camera disk.

What's typically important when importing the pictures you've taken is naming the files correctly (for example by job name or number) and adding some basic metadata to them so you can perform a search later and retrieve the entire collection. Then of course comes the meticulous adding of metadata that's specific to each picture.

This topic deals with the first part - accessing your memory card, making selections and adding the basic metadata to the pictures.

There are two main approaches to this:

  • You can browse the memory card directly in FotoStation, make selections and copy the best pictures to your local drive using an action to add metadata and rename files automatically.
  • You can use the Acquire wizard to import pictures from the memory card.

Which method you choose is largely a matter of personal preference. The topics below explain how the different scenarios work: