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Setting image size


Learn how to adjust image size using the image editor.

Changing print size

By clicking on the Size button on the toolbar you can change the document size and the physical size of the image. To only change the document size, often referred to as the file’s print size, make sure that the Resample image checkbox is not selected. Then enter new values in the Document size fields. Note that the Width and Height values are interrelated to preserve the proportions of the original image.

Changing the pixel size (resampling the image)

To change the pixel size of the image you must first enable image resampling by selecting the Resample image checkbox. This will allow you to change the values in the Pixel dimensions field, namely Width, Height and/or File size. Note that even when resampling images the width and height values are relative to each other to retain the original width/height ratio of the image. Hence, changing the value in either the Height or Width field will make FotoStation change the value in the other field correspondingly.

What the Auto button does

The Auto button has two modes of operation. When image resampling is disabled you can click it to specify a target screen resolution and a quality requirement, and FotoStation will adjust the print size accordingly based on the physical amount of data available in the image.

With resampling enabled you can click the Auto button and set a target screen resolution and required quality value, and FotoStation will retain the print size you have set and resample the image so that it contains the necessary amount of data to give the required quality with the specified print size.

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