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Using the digital flash


How to apply digital flash to your pictures in FotoStation's image editor.

Understanding the digital flash function

The digital flash can be applied by selecting Digital Flash on the toolbar, by selecting Digital Flash in the Levels dialog (Select Levels on the toolbar to open it), or by applying it in an image action.

The digital flash feature equalizes image levels to make shadows brighter and reduce the brightness of highlights. The three different ways to apply the digital flash function vary slightly:

When using the Digital Flash button on the toolbar in the image editor, you can apply three levels of flash – Strong, Normal or Weak. FotoStation divides the image into four equally large fields and applies flash to each area separately.

If you would like greater control of the flash, you can use the Digital Flash button in the Levels dialog or set up an image action. This way you can also choose the intensity of the application of flash as well as the number of fields FotoStation should split the image into before applying the flash. For images with great contrasts between highlight and shadows it is usually a good idea to divide the image into many fields when applying the flash, even though this will require slightly more time for processing.

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