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Making a field in a custom metadata editor required

Making a field required

To make a field required when inputting text, it is possible to define the field as required in the metadata editor itself. That way, whenever the editor is used in an archive, users will be forced to fill in the fields that have been set as required. These are marked in yellow by default.

When working with a custom metadata editor in the editor designer, select the field(s) you want to make required and click on the Item properties side panel to show its settings. Then tick the checkbox with the label Field is required.

Now, a user who inputs metadata in this editor will not be able to save and close the metadata editor unless all the required fields are filled in.


Note: In some cases one may want to make it possible for a user to bypass required fields. In that case, after setting some fields as required, you can click on the Editor properties side panel and enable the property called Bypass required field. When this is set, a user will be warned about required fields that have not been filled out, but will still allow the user to proceed and save the content of the other field.

Tip! It is possible to enforce metadata input in FotoStation's actions too, where you can define required fields that have to be filled out before a file can be sent to a preset destination. That is set within the Actions configuration, and is covered in a different topic.