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Backing up and restoring your configuration

FotoStation lets you make a backup copy of the active configuration for safekeeping, for example on a backup disk or a memory stick. By default, it will suggest storing the backup configuration on the local disk, but you can choose any location you want.

What's included in the backup?

The backup contains your entire configuration (archives and actions, text templates and macros, image markers, archive/action icons  - the lot).

How to back up the configuration

To back up the active FotoStation configuration, open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac) and choose Manage configurations. Next, choose Backup configuration. A dialog box lets you choose a location for storing the backup configuration. In the folder you choose, FotoStation will create a subfolder named after the current date and time where the configuration will be stored. Click OK to create the backup configuration.

Restoring a backed-up configuration

To restore a previously backed-up configuration, open the File menu (FotoStation Pro menu on the Mac) and choose Manage configurations. Next, choose Restore configuration. Locate the folder containing the backup files and open the folder named after the date when the configuration was backed up. (Typically something like 07.09.2007 08_58_35). Then click OK. FotoStation will display a message saying that it needs to restart to load the chosen configuration. Simply click OK to proceed.

Important: Restoring a configuration will overwrite the currently active configuration.