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Configuring FotoStation for automatic updates

FotoStation can be configured to check for and download updates automatically. Different editions of FotoStation deal with automatic updates differently:

FotoStation edition Auto update enabled by default Comments
FotoStation (version obtained at Yes Auto-update is enabled by default. It can be disabled if required.
FotoStation Pro (single user) Yes Auto-update is enabled by default. It can be disabled if required.
FotoStation Client (multi-user network edition) No Auto-update is disabled by default, as FotoStation Client is often used in managed environments. It can be enabled by using a configuration downloaded from the network (using Logon to server functionality)

Manually checking for an update

To check for available updates, open the Help menu and choose Check for updates...

FotoStation will check for available updates on the web, and if one is found you will be shown the release notes for that release and be given the chance to download it and update your current version.

Note: If your FotoStation configuration is protected with a password (typical in network environments running FotoStation Client), you will be asked for the password before you can proceed.

Enabling automatic updates

To have FotoStation automatically look for updates when it's started, you need to enable this in the program configuration:

Enabling Auto Update in FotoStation.PNG

  • Open the File menu (FotoStation menu on the Mac) and choose Configuration...
  • Expand the General tab and choose the Miscellaneous node.
  • Select Enable FotoStation auto update.


With automatic updates enabled, users will be notified and offered to download and install updates as they become available. Installing an update requires administrative privileges on the computer.

License validation

The update check also verifies that your product key is valid for running the updated version of FotoStation. If you receive a notification that an update is available but not valid for your currently activated product key, you can obtain an Agreement from Fotoware. If you already have a valid Agreement, you can log on to the Fotoware Customer Portal and fulfill the Agreement to receive a new product key. Activating the new product key will make it possible to update to the latest FotoStation by running the update function again.