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Adding a custom welcome message to a site

A custom welcome message for users who access the FotoWare site can be added in the FotoWare site configuration (Tools - Site Configuration) under the Appearance node.

It is shown on the site's home page above the list of public archives and albums when a user accesses the FotoWare site.

If the site has no public resources and requires users to log in, the home page with the custom welcome message will be shown after logging in.

Adding a welcome message

To add a custom welcome message, open the FotoWare site management console (Tools - Site Configuration) and go the Appearance node.

Tick the option for Custom Welcome Message and type in the message you'd like to appear.

Custom Welcome message FotoWare.png

When users access the site, they will see the welcome message above the available archives and public albums:

What a custom welcome message looks like on the FotoWeb site

Tip: You can also create a custom footer, as seen in the screenshot.