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Does FotoWare offer mobile apps?

Yes, FotoWare offers mobile apps for iOS and Android.

These apps are free of charge and require a FotoWare server to connect to.
In iOS there are separate apps for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, while there is a single Android version for smartphones and tablets.

Which features do the apps offer?

  • Upload of pictures and videos: Take pictures or record videos and upload them to the FotoWare server. Add metadata to the files you upload to make them easy to retrieve once they're on the server.
  • Search for assets: Search and retrieve assets that are stored on the stored on the FotoWare server
  • Zoom and preview metadata: Zoom in on pictures to examine details and preview the metadata stored with the assets.
  • Rate assets: Add stars to assets to rate them.
  • Process assets using workflows: You can use the apps to find assets and process them in quick workflows. 

Obtaining the apps

The apps are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Simply search for "FotoWare mobile" to find them.

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