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Configuring the app for first use


  1. After installing the Fotoware Mobile app on your device, tap the Fotoware icon to open it.


  1. Select I'm new to Fotoware if you would like more information about the company and products
  2. Select Sign in here to begin the sign-in process.
  3. Select Fotoware domain or Custom domain, as appropriate, and enter your Fotoware site domain.  The app remembers this information for future sign-ins.



  1. Select Next to continue.
  2. Enter your username and password to log in.
  3. You are prompted to give the app full access, select Accept to access the Fotoware Mobile app.

Tip: If you want to connect to a different Fotoware server, you can change the server connection. For more information, see Connecting to a different Fotoware server.

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