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Browsing subfolders in an archive


Learn how to browse the folder structure of a FotoWeb archive using FotoWeb for iPad.

Folder browsing

When you've opened up an archive a folder icon will show in the top bar next to the FotoWeb logo. Tapping on this opens up the folder menu where you can drill into the folder hierarchy.

When browsing folders you only see files in the exact folder you're in; subfolders are not included. Hence, you may see that when opening a certain folder there may not be any assets in it, while a subfolder inside does indeed contain files.

The folder list has navigation buttons on the top to let you go back up one level at a time, or you can use the Top folder button to navigate to the top of the hierarchy.

When you've found a folder with content you wish to browse, simply tap outside of the folder navigation menu to close it.

Refreshing the view

Simply swipe down in the grid to refresh the archive content.

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