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Uploading pictures or videos from your iPad


FotoWeb for iPad lets you upload pictures and video from your camera roll to the FotoWeb server. You can also take pictures using the built-in camera and submit that to the server.

Uploading files from the camera roll

To upload files from your iPad, touch the Upload icon as shown in the screenshot.

The upload window shows up, and you can start picking files from your camera roll or a collection/album you've created on you iPad. Touch pictures to select them and then click on Done to add them to the upload queue.

Tip: You can switch between Select and Preview modes by using the selector at the button of the upload window. By choosing Preview mode you can long-touch a thumbnail to get a larger preview of it and then tap it briefly to select it. Then simply swipe through your camera roll sideways and tap any other files you want to upload.

Taking a picture and adding it to the upload queue

To upload files from your iPad, touch the Upload icon. The uploader window shows you camera roll, so just click on Cancel to close it. Now click on the Camera icon to take a picture or video and add it to the upload queue.

If you take a picture and are not happy with it, choose Retake to try again. When you're happy with the result, click on Use Photo .to add it to the queue.

Choosing an upload destination

Now click on the folder icon in the upload dialog to choose an archive to upload to. The first level is the index that represents the archive, and you may not store files directly at that level. Thus, choose a subfolder to store the pictures in. You can also create subfolders using the + button. When you've found the right upload folder, click on the Select button to choose it.

Captioning the files

Based on how the archive is configured on the server, you may be asked to fill in certain metadata fields before the files are uploaded. Yellow fields are required ones that must be filled in before you are allowed to proceed with the upload.

Tip: The text you type in when uploading files will be remembered the next time you upload files so you won't have to type everything in again.

Starting the upload

When you have selected all the files you want to upload and filled in any required metadata fields, tap on Start upload to start the uploading process. You will see which file is currently being uploaded and its individual progress indicator, as seen above.

Note: Files will be named according to your device name (typically iPhone, Android, etc) followed by a number determined by the device's Photo Library. Uploaded files will not overwrite existing files on the FotoWeb server.

Managing multiple upload jobs

FotoWeb for iPad lets you create multiple upload jobs so you can send files to several archives at once. When an upload is initiated, you can pause/resume that job by clciking on the Pause/Play icon on the upload job.

You can also create a new upload job by clicking on the + icon in the top right corner and then either add more files from your camera roll or take a new picture or video using the built-in camera.

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