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Viewing an album

Opening and viewing an album

Start by going to the Albums page by clicking on the Albums link in the top banner. This page shows all the albums you have created and albums that have been shared with you. To open and view the contents of album, share it and perform other operations, click on the album's cover art.

FotoWeb Albums page.PNG

Filters to help you find albums

FotoWeb Album filters.PNG

You may have access to a lot of albums, so the filters in the top right corner lets you choose whether you want to see albums you have created, the ones others have shared with you, archived albums - that is albums that are still open for access but are no longer actively being used, and deleted albums. Deleted albums will be purged 24 hours after deletion and not be available for recovery after that.

Pinning your favorite albums

FotoWeb pinned album.PNG

Since you may have access to a lot of albums, you can pin the albums you access most frequently. Simply click the little white pin next to the album's label to move it up front for easy access.

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