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Creating archive navigation using SmartFolders

What are SmartFolders?

SmartFolders help users perform advanced predefined searches in an archive with a single click. Similarly to the folder navigation that can be enabled on archives, it provides a way to create a meaningful structure of "folders" that, when clicked, in reality execute a predefined search on the server and returns the result.

A user can for example be presented with a SmartFolder called "Most recent pictures" that executes a search for pictures only that have come into the system in the last six hours. This is accomplished using a date range search which is configured by the administrator. For this example, you can use the search: mt:{{now-PT6H}} TO {{now}}

A user needs not know the search syntax but can simply click on the link. More tips are available in the Date and Time Tags topic.

Setting up SmartFolders involves three steps:

  1. Enabling SmartFolder navigation in an archive (SmartFolders are configured per archive).
  2. Giving some users or groups access to edit SmartFolders (to create new entries or modify existing ones)
  3. Actually creating the SmartFolders by logging in to FotoWeb.

Each of these three steps are covered in the individual linked topics above.