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What are Revisions and how do they work?

Revisions, sometimes called Versions, are the recording of asset changes so that users may review the iterations of an asset through its lifecycle. Users with the required access can view and compare versions of a visual asset and optionally restore an earlier version while retaining all other versions as well.

In Fotoware, revisions constantly monitor changes to assets and their metadata and store every new version without user intervention. 

Which events create a new revision?

The following Fotoware events will create a new asset revision:

  • Adding metadata to an asset
  • Checking out an asset using Open in Fotoware Desktop
  • Checking out an asset using Edit in Fotoware Desktop
  • Editing and checking in an asset using the plugin for Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Executing Workflows that cause a change in the metadata
  • Renaming an asset
  • Also, restoring a previous revision will create a new Current revision based on the revision that was restored
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